Great Video Converts Like Crazy

Got Video? You Need It!

Video Is Now Mandatory

Video isn’t an option anymore, it is a necessity. Check out our sample/demo reel below.

Why Video Marketing is Now Mandatory

There’s much more to online video than laughing babies, grumpy cats, and Asian dance moves! Video marketing is the fastest growing online format for promoting products and services. We work with you to create a powerful video marketing strategy to attract, engage, nurture, and educate new clients and customers. Ultimately, we make videos that sell.

Got Video? Get an Audience

What good is a video if it’s impossible to find? At KickFire, we make sure your videos stand out. Not only will we create amazingly awesome video(s) for you, but we’ll rank them high and fast so that people find you for your products and services first. And that’s a big deal as 90% of internet searchers will click on a search result including video over text.

So what are you waiting for?

Let us help you light up your business with compelling videos that get found, build trust, educate and, ultimately, sell!

Want Some Samples?

Video Clicks

How likely is it that someone will click a video?

90% More Likely

Your prospects are more likely to click on a video link first, and a website after. Think of it as a way of checking out your business without having to commit to actually looking at your business.

Check out a few high-converting, lead-generating videos we’ve done for our clients:

And if you don’t yet have Testimonial videos, we can help you out with those too:

Let’s get your video started and build an audience today!


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