If you’re looking for a wild and crazy bunch who can get your marketing done right…

You’ve come to the right place!

We’ve thrown together some of the brightest in the marketing world.
Some of our crew are full time, some are on call for when we need their magical abilities.
We all throw ourselves in to your marketing work with wild abandon and crazy energy.

Janelle Page

aka “The Face”



Janelle is the brains and beauty behind the KickFire organization. Her tireless leadership and unwavering dedication to marketing excellence continually inspires our team to create magical marketing campaigns for our clients. And she’s single engaged married.

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Tyler Seamons

aka “The Bowtie”

Chief Operating Officer


You’ll generally find Tyler hiding in some back room, cracking the whip over the heads of everyone on the marketing team and devising new ways of ordering and organizing everything KickFire. When he’s not working, he’ll be juggling fire or machetes, reading Austrian economics texts, getting the band back together, playing with his kids or dating his wife.

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Cory Keate

aka “The Canary”

Chief Marketing Officer


Aside from his penchant for waxing poetic and singing a song, Cory is the creative director in charge and manager of many projects. His continual effort to bring ideas to life is the heartbeat of our organization.

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Tiffiny Appelbaum

aka “All Things to All People”

Director of Whatever


Counting beans isn’t just a job, it’s a lifestyle. Tiffiny saves our fannies from destitution with her keen eye and quick and efficient work. She enjoys long walks in fabric stores, Regency period romance novels, and the Twilight series, and no, she’s not single. Don’t even think about it.

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Elsa Kurinawati

aka “The Artist”

Graphic Designer


Inside Elsa is a fountain of creative magic. We keep her busy designing website slides, brochures, or any other graphic we may need. She also likes fish.

Zton Martuna

aka “The Geek”

Website Coder


From half a world away, the clicks of Zton’s mouse and keyboard are heard  a whole world away on a daily basis, banging out websites for our clients. He’s quick, he’s witty, and he’s even kind of pretty.

Charity Olsen

aka “The Bombshell”

Content Creator


O socialite! The posts are brightly shining! Charity manages the creation of social content for our social team. She’s also the wife of the guitar player, the creator of fun works of art, and a mother to three cool kids. What else could you ask for? She’s not single either.


Kelly Rasmussen

aka “Momma Bear”



If she isn’t chasing around her kids, you can find Kelly cleverly creating quips for many of our client websites, printed materials, and any other written work we may need her to do. She likes daisies too.

Teresa Karagas

aka “The Entertainment”

Assistant to the Assistant to the Executive Assistant and Marketing Director


Teresa’s joy and merriment have enhanced her work for many years now and she is proof positive that any job can be fun. Her background is in interior design and merchandising which easily translate to social media and design. Silliness is a way of life for this lady but she also knows how to get work done…

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Natalie Stringam

aka “Mrs. Wizard”

Graphic Designer


Nat does our needs-to-be-done-on-U.S.-time projects. After studying art and design, she spend some summers abroad in Switzerland channeling her inner Heidi and soaking in the sights in the birthplace of great typefaces and art.

Eduard Marimon

aka “Walt”



When we talk about animated video, Eduard is our man. Not only is he a handsome devil, but he has a great eye for the perfect transition and realistic movement. He enjoys underwater basketweaving and the Bachelorette in his free time.

Tina Li

aka “The Factory”

Product Sourcing


When we are creating new product lines, Tina is the one that makes sure it gets done along with making sure the quality meets our expectations. She prefers walking on the beach to eating tacos.

Rebecca Seamons

aka “June Cleaver”



Besides being our Instagram specialist and special support to our COO, Rebecca is a vintage dress aficionado who was most definitely born in the wrong era. You’ll never catch her wearing pants, unless you invade her home while she is wearing pajamas.

Becky Allen

aka “The Googler”

Local SEO Specialist and Press Releases


You know those places you are looking for? Becky helps you find them. She also makes it so customers can find you when they are looking for you. Besides that you can find her running up mountains and spending quality time quilting with her family. Just kidding about the quilting.

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