Just looking at Sandy’s Catering’s website and I was drooling. This is just one of the beautiful pages that we created for them…I hope they got paid in eclairs…oooh, or those little creme brûlées…yum!Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 2.42.03 PM


Janelle Page is the CEO and owner of KickFire Marketing, a full-service, boutique marketing firm. She is a highly sought after marketing consultant who specializes in creating customized, laser-beam focused marketing campaigns.

Janelle prides herself on finding unique solutions that generate real results.

When she's not busy consulting, speaking or teaching marketing bootcamps around the nation, she can be found playing with her children, mountain biking, road biking, long boarding, baking, playing basketball, tennis or any sport, and reading self-improvement books.

Oh and she's also super serious about maintaining a meticulous lawn. 🙂

Favorite foods include: Green Smoothies, PBJ Sandwiches and Honey Nut Cheerios with a banana sliced on top.

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