Targeted Advertising

What if you could advertise to a very targeted, specific group of people that may already be looking for you and only pay when they really WANT to check out your product or service? Good news! With pay-per-click advertising, you can!

How Does It Work?

Our Facebook and Adwords pros design a campaign that leverages relevant keywords, content, and messages and laser-beam targets appropriate audiences for your product or service. We help you determine an ad spend budget, timeline, etc., and then we put these ads where people see them.

You pay when people click on your ad. Ideally, these “clicks” take them to a brilliant landing page that convinces them to buy.

“We used KickFire Marketing to target buyers for our new product launch. Their Facebook promotion helped us gain a first page ranking on Amazon and have doubled our monthly sales.” – Captain Comet

Drive more traffic to your website, secure hot leads, and sell, sell, sell with pay-per-click today! It’s almost like magic.

Let’s start your campaign now!


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