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I help business owners make more money through strategic, laser-beam focused, marketing campaigns. I am passionate about teaching business owners how to do marketing right. I teach several courses as an adjunct faculty member at the local college as well as travel around the nation presenting marketing boot camps for business owners. I’m often asked to teach marketing boot camps for organizations such as Chambers of Commerce, Entrepreneurship Organizations and Business Alliance Groups. My speaker’s bio is provided below and you can click here now to take a peek at some of the courses/presentations I regularly teach/present.

Janelle Page's Speaker Bio

Janelle’s career in marketing began over a decade ago with Neighborhood Gold, where she and her colleagues helped create the largest down payment assistance market in the nation. When HUD put an end to down payment assistance, Janelle began freelance marketing before joining the PROGENEX marketing team.

With the assistance of her team, Janelle was able to help PROGENEX double sales, secure a multi-year contract as the official supplement sponsor of the CrossFit Games and establish brand dominance within the CrossFit industry.

In 2013, Janelle left PROGENEX and established KickFire—a boutique, marketing firm dedicated to helping business owners light up their business through custom, and strategic, laser beam focused, marketing campaigns.

KickFire’s clients include service providers such as dentists, doctors, chiropractors, retailers, restaurants, companies large and small, as well as multi-million dollar corporations.


As the CEO of KickFire, Janelle is a highly sought after consultant and is committed to and passionate about helping business owners grow their business. She spends countless hours presenting at marketing boot camps across the nation, as well as teaching marketing courses as an adjunct faculty member at the DATC. She has been profiled in Small Business Trendsetters, as well as featured in Business Innovators Magazine for her business acumen and marketing expertise.

When Janelle is not busy consulting, speaking or teaching, she enjoys spending time with her family, biking, traveling and doing anything in the great outdoors.

head shotI recently took some marketing classes from Janelle from Kickfire. My goal in taking these classes was to bring my knowledge of marketing up a notch. What I gained was not only a great foundation in the basics, but Janelle taught the class to think outside the box, be creative and make people love my product.

Janelle generated enthusiasm in her classes and everyone came away with a positive feeling of “You can so do this!”

She is passionate about her job and generously shares her knowledge. She teaches using concrete examples of how other businesses have been successful and then gladly helps you see how you can apply that to your situation.

She is fun and always positive. My only regret was there wasn’t enough time to learn it all, but she provided lengthy handouts with tons of links and ideas of where to get more in depth information.

– Miriam, Back to Blocks

Helen AvonIf you need someone to “kickfire” your business, leave it to Janelle! She is the marketing guru of the century and lives and creates on the cutting-edge of all new marketing strategies and technologies that support her passion. 

Janelle’s sharp business skills and love for the “game” of marketing is demonstrated by not only running her own successful company, but sharing many of her proven strategies to help others like me just starting out in the complicated and sometimes daunting world of online marketing. 

She taught me how to more effectively market my young-adult fantasy/adventure, “Curse of the Putrid Pit” without having to pay thousands to a publishing company. 

I thank Janelle for the knowledge and power she gave to me through her expertise, imaginative teaching, fun presentation skills, humor, and most of all, her caring about my personal business success.

– Helen Olsen, Author

65de69e0050477ae3f842a81531a5b98Janelle is a great teacher/presenter. Her courses are fun and educational. I love her up-beat energy and how she presented the information. She engaged us with questions and helped us apply it to our individual situations.

Kelly PangAlbion Minerals

*Yes, Janelle is single engaged married. Read how she found her perfect man by clicking here.


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