Our Mission

It’s simple, really. Spend money marketing with us, and we’ll help you make more money so you can keep marketing with us!

Seriously, we’re passionate about helping you light up your business! We’re not interested in selling you another product or simply scaling services. We’re all about jumping right in and figuring out what will really move the needle for you when it comes to generating more leads and sales for your company.

Check Out What Our Clients Say

You see, we’re a boutique marketing firm that specializes in customized, strategic, laser-beam focused campaigns that generate real results for our clients. Basically, spend money marketing with us, and we’ll make you more money so that we can keep doing what we love for you, while you start making all those crazy, insane deposits at the bank.

What We Do

All potential KickFire clients begin by completing our online Fire Marshall’s Inspection ReportThis handy tool is a valuable resource for both you and us. It takes about 10-15 minutes for you to complete and give us a bird’s eye view of your current marketing efforts.

The information we glean from this report, combined with our free comprehensive consultation, enables us to prepare a complete, FREE, marketing blueprint for your business. Yes, we really did say FREE! You can get started on your report right now by clicking here.

How We Do It

We create strategic, laser-beam focused, campaigns for you based on your unique needs. We geek out over how to use our marketing expertise to get you the most bang for your buck!

Check out our services page to see the kind of tools we have up our sleeves to get the job done. We’ll make sure you have a website that converts like crazy (yes, we do Web Design . . and it’s wicked awesome) and can be found through search (both Local SEO and general Search Engine Optimization).

We’ll create Videos for you and market them so they generate leads and help your ideal clients come to know, like and trust you before ever meeting you in person. Oh and we make sure you have a solid online reputation so that the trust and rapport you build through your videos and crazy, amazing website, isn’t destroyed by negative reviews or garbage they google about you. It’s called Reputation Marketing and it’s vitally important to the success of your business.

We’ll help you out with your Social Media Marketing so that you aren’t just making noise and wasting time. Our team will use your social media accounts to increase your search engine optimization and sell your products and services.

But that’s not all! We position our clients as experts in their fields. We call it Authority Marketing and oh boy does it work! People love doing business with innovators and industry leaders!

And of course, we do all this and more–such as Graphic Design and Wholesale Printing, Event Strategy, Pay Per Click Advertising, Logo Design and Branding at an insanely valuable rate. We’re pretty much the best investment you’ll ever make! (please read that line as Kip from Napoleon Dynamite).

How Do I Know If KickFire is Right For Me?

If you aren’t currently marketing and advertising–and/or aren’t sure whether or not you should be—then we probably aren’t the best fit.

We work best with companies and business owners who understand the value and importance of marketing and advertising and who are eager to dominate their market and crush their competition. See what they have to say about their experience working with us by clicking here.

If you are interested in lighting up your business, begin by completing our Fire Marshall’s Inspection Report or simply give us a call today at 801-800-8608 or email info@kickfiremarketing.com

Ready to meet the KickFire Team? Click here to do so now. Or if you prefer to just ask Janelle out, you can access her dating profile here. And if you aren’t single, but are still interested in learning more about Janelle, check out her speaker’s bio by clicking here.


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