KickFire Amazon Strategy

Optimized Product Listing

One Time Per Listing

In-depth Keyword Research
We'll find out which search terms you can and should be ranking for. You'll get a keyword list that we'll use as we create your compelling listing copy and that we or you can use to optimize your Amazon Sponsored Ad Campaigns

Competitive Research
We study your competition and determine which keywords they are optimizing, their monthly sales volume and other info, that will give us the competitive advantage.

Optimized Product Copy
We use all the above information to create titles, bullets, and descriptions that have clear, concise, and compelling copy that converts like crazy.

Image Optimization

Per Image

$250 For Professional Product Shoot

Image Optimization
We'll create images that will get consumers to click on thru to your product listing. Images that tell a story and sell.

Professional Product Photo Shoot
Send us your product and we'll take epic photos you can use on your eCommerce website or Amazon listing. For $100 per image we will create masterful images for your Amazon listing.

Customer Outreach

Up to 100 Reviews

Need help launching your product?
We have a committed group of product testers that will check out your product and give you valuable feedback. Contact us for more information.

Review Solicitation Automation
We'll set up a 3-4 email follow up sequence that drips out to your Amazon buyers. Works wonders for continually collecting reviews and helps prevent negative reviews and feedback. Only $150 to set up the emails per product and then as little as $30 per month to run the automated drip campaigns (actual pricing depends on sales volume).

Branding and Packaging


Need a logo or package design for your new product or brand? Or perhaps your packaging and/or logo needs a refresh to really help it stand out from the competition. Whether you are looking for a premium, high end look or feel, or simply a fun, classic appeal, our ninja team of designers will give your product just what it needs to help consumers “add to cart.”

Amazon Sponsored Ads Strategy


Keyword Research
$350 Per Product
Optimize Your Sponsored Ads Campaign
$250 Per Ad Optimization
Sponsored Ads Updating
$100 Per Month to Monitor, Tweak and Report

Driving Outside Traffic To Your Listings


We drive traffic to your Amazon product listing from high authority sites such as Facebook, YouTube and other pay per click and social media sites.
Driving traffic increases your sales velocity and helps your product rank higher and higher in search.

Amazon Strategy and eCommerce Consulting


Just looking for advice and strategy on how you can grow your Amazon and eCommerce sales? We can provide direction on how to take your concept to market. We’ll connect you with our preferred providers and suppliers in logistics, contract manufacturing, packaging, fulfillment, printing and more. You can even take advantage of our sourcing team in China!

Janelle and KickFire Marketing have done a fantastic job building our Amazon strategy. From setting up our various marketplaces to creating and optimizing our product listings, their knowledge and expertise have enabled our company to increase our online sales and grow our brand. I recommend their services to anyone looking to increase sales and exposure.



Since Kick-Fire has worked their magic on my Amazon store, my sales have increased 900%. I went from very few random sales to being able to just turn on the revenue! They made my products desirable and searchable with great keywords and images that pop. They have the experience and the knowledge to get immediate results – no waiting to see if a campaign is going to eventually build up to selling something. I’ve loved my experience with Kick-Fire and would highly recommend them.

Julie Verrinder

CEO, Sargent Steam

Janelle at Kick-Fire is amazing. She took my business to the next level on Amazon. I had spent a ton of time optimizing and fulfilling my products on my own e-commerce site. In a matter of days she had all my products on Amazon. My products are selling at a rate that will surpass the volume on my own website in a matter of a couple of months. Her services pay for themselves in a short period of time.


Tree Seek CEO

Janelle, thank you for your help with our amazon site a few months ago. Amazon is now bringing us a steady stream of  business. Our amazon listings have gone from pretty much 0 to matching and even exceeding our website sales.

Thanks again,

Miriam Sheffield

Back To Blocks

If you are ready to increase your Amazon sales and grow your eCommerce business, simply click here and submit the following information:

  1. eCommerce Website
  2. Links to Amazon product listings or the link to your Amazon Store
  3. Tell us what services you are interested in and your eCommerce or Amazon goals.

We’ll take a look at your listings and let you know how we can help. If you don’t yet have a an Amazon store we can help you take care of that too. We are experts at setting up Amazon Storefronts, securing brand registry and getting our clients approved to sell in any gated categories. We know how to work in every marketplace too. Click here to submit your information and have us contact you ASAP.

We’ll Rock Your Amazon Sales!

Just Like We Do For Ourselves!

Crushing it on for ourselves and our clients, is one of our specialties. We have our own Amazon store, KickFire Classics, and manage several other client seller central stores. We know what works on Amazon and since we aren’t at liberty to discuss with you the successes we’ve achieved with our client’s accounts, we are more than happy to show you what we do every day in our own. Keep reading below to see how we can help you, and at the bottom, be sure to check out our KickFire Classics Amazon store.

One of our customers went from $0 in sales on Amazon to over $12,000 per day in sales.

So if you want to sell more on Amazon, as well as on your own site, and other online marketplaces, this service is perfect for you!

Our Amazon strategy, consulting, training, and done-for-you services include:

  1. Creating an Amazon strategy and optimizing your seller central account.
  2. Securing Brand Registry (if available).
  3. Getting set up with FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) if desirable.
  4. Listing your products and configuring your website, fulfillment, and other online stores so that you have an integrated and automated online marketplace.
  5. Pricing. Calculating fees. Maximizing profits.
  6. Keyword research and product listing optimization for highly searched terms.
  7. Techniques and strategies to get and keep your products on the first page of Amazon.
  8. Driving traffic to your product listings from both inside and outside of Amazon.
  9. Collecting Reviews.
  10. Cross Selling and Upselling.
  11. Marketing materials, packaging and product inserts.
  12. Understanding and using your Amazon reports to grow your business.

and much, much more.


So if you are ready to light up your Amazon business, fill out the form above and CLICK SUBMIT!