While I don’t head up our Amazon team, I do provide a lot of assisting and support them however I can, and I help to manage one of our own Amazon stores.

If you know me at all, you know that I love commerce. I love markets. I love economics. I’m a huge fan of Bitcoin, for all of the reasons people love Bitcoin.

And I’ve grown to love Amazon, too.

Managing our own Amazon stores has been a fun challenge. We get to ask and answer so many interesting and valuable questions.

  • How can we sell more on Amazon?
  • How do we plan for inventory?
  • How accurate can we get our prediction models?
  • When is the best time to raise or lower prices?
  • How do price changes affect our sales?
  • How does our product look compared to the others?
  • How can we better market our own products?

Amazon is what I imagine the Wild West to have been like. Free, open, and ripe with opportunity.

I admit my view might be somewhat romanticized, but I think of the late 1800’s West as a magical area where people could come together, produce, and trade freely, to their own and the benefit of their customers. Some won more business than others. Businesses came and went and lived and died frequently as markets, transportation and preferences changed. One category of business would fill up with competition only to see a handful of players win the majority of the business. And so on.

Amazon isn’t that much different. With international production and shipping, anyone can become an importer/merchant and start selling on Amazon alongside established and profitable brands. Your business doesn’t have to be in the proximity of anything remotely American to sell, either. You can sell from anywhere.

We regularly work with companies across the globe who all want to bring their products to the behemoth selling machine of Amazon. Some bring products they’ve designed and manufactured, some bring whitelabel versions of already existing products. All want the same thing: to sell a good product to a willing audience.

What we have noticed, as a team, is that the Amazon marketplace is filling up, at what seems to be an exponential rate. For every customer we help, six new competitors enter the market, which means new pressure to drop prices or differentiate or both. It doesn’t help that Amazon sends you periodic emails telling you whether or not you have the lowest price, asking you to add more products to your store, or letting you know when a sale occurs. In real-time, Amazon sellers get market feedback they can respond to successfully.

Amazon is a huge win for consumers, no doubt. Prices drop and quality increases as firm after firm seeks the coveted first page/first spot position in the Amazon search results. Competition makes sure that no profit is excessive on an Amazon sale, and customers are left with the best products at the best prices possible. It’s a free-market lover’s dream.

But what does that leave for Amazon sellers? As a marketing agency for Amazon sellers, we constantly add more knowledge and resources to our conversations and watch for trends as we manage our own and our clients’ stores. A couple of points stand out:

Putting lipstick on a pig just makes a prettier pig

If your product sucks, we can only help you so much. Your product has to meet the minimum-acceptability standards that customers want or all the marketing in the world won’t help you sell more for very long. You might be able to get small bumps in sales for a time, but your long-term sales will suffer. If you are selling substandard crap on Amazon, you’d better head back to the drawing board and come up with something better. And since we have a full-time staff dedicated to product development, we might be able to get your new product off the ground faster than it will take to wipe the lipstick off your pig.

Joining a mosh pit means you’re going to get scraped and bruised

If you are determined to enter a market category with a thousand competitors, expect to get beat up a little bit. Your competition wants to sell as much as possible, and that means you might get your price undercut, strange negative reviews from people who have never purchased your product, or worse. If you work with us, you’ll have a team of bruisers in the pit with you to help push off the onslaught of your competitors.


Put on your gun belt, it’s the Wild West

Be prepared. Remember your Boy Scout training. Stay calm when things happen, because they will happen, and only the clear-headed will make it out unscathed. Working with KickFire, you have a posse of sharpshooters with oodles of experience dealing with all of the problems associated with Amazon selling.


We love our Amazon customers. We find immense joy in helping them improve their written listings, getting amazing images to accompany their listings, and putting together crazy effective marketing campaigns that drive Amazon sales. And I love watching sale after sale come in, even with the mess that comes with doing business in the Wild West of ecommerce.

If you want help selling more on Amazon, reach out, and we’ll have our team put together a rock solid plan for increasing your sales.


Chief Operating Officer at KickFire Marketing
KickFire engages all of my passions. I work for fantastic companies doing marketing campaigns that not only generate new customers, but establish our clients as experts in their field.

I'm also a busy and engaged entrepreneur working on a number of interesting side projects.

When I'm not working, I run in the local mountains or work out at the local crossfit gym, ride my '83 Vespa PX200E, play with my kids, date my wife, or study Austrian economics or bitcoin.

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