Facebook is the single most popular social media network for personal and business use. Even if you never get involved with any other type of social media, as a business you should definitely establish a presence on Facebook and commit to keeping the business page fresh and valuable for customers. Because so many consumers use the internet to search for local businesses, Facebook is taking advantage of that and making it easier than ever for businesses and customers to connect.

Can Facebook Really Help?

While some business owners may feel that Facebook simply won’t make a difference to their business or that they don’t have the time or skill to do it right, the truth is that you simply can’t afford to miss the business and customer relation opportunities that this popular social media platform provides.

Check out these Facebook Statistics from 2013:

  • There are 1.26 billion Facebook users worldwide
  • 757 million people use Facebook daily worldwide
  • The United States has 128 million daily active Facebook users
  • An amazing 66 percent of 15-34 year olds use Facebook
  • The average user spends 20 minutes on Facebook every day
  • 76 percent of all Facebook users log in once per day
  • 40 percent of all Facebook users log in multiple times per day

Source: Digital Marketing Ramblings

With Facebook, the ability to put your business products and services in front of your actual customers and millions of potential customers isn’t hard, nor does it require a lot of time each week to maintain.

3 Ways to Maximize Facebook for Businesses

Here are just a few ways that small business owners like you can utilize the best of what Facebook has to offer and create a brand and message that really resonates with current and potential customers:

  1. Create your page to reflect your business. Always use your logo and write up a catchy description of exactly what your business offers. You can even add your business contact information so that viewers will know exactly how to get ahold of you. There are also several ways to optimize the page, which means making it easier for people who are searching for your kind of company to find you.
  2. Deliver interesting and valuable content. The way Facebook works allows viewers to “like” your page, which means they stay connected to whatever you post. Every time you post something—like a link to your company blog, a video, a photo or an announcement for an event you are hosting—those people (called followers) will see it on their own Facebook feed. In addition, everyone a follower is friends with on Facebook can also see it.
  3. Build a community. To keep followers engaged, it’s important to be consistent. Interesting content delivered regularly—at least one or two times per week, if not more—is the best way to build up a trustworthy and loyal following. Whether you are sharing knowledge, highlighting an achievement or award, running a contest or promoting an online discount, you are creating a community of insiders who are getting value from your Facebook page every week.

Let KickFire Help

If you don’t have the time, knowledge or resources to set up and maintain a Facebook page or other marketing campaign for your business, consider KickFire, a Utah-based marketing and consulting company that will take care of all your needs and really help you to light up your business.

For more information on how KickFire can help you grow your business, please contact us here or call 801-800-8608.



Janelle Page is the CEO and owner of KickFire Marketing, a full-service, boutique marketing firm. She is a highly sought after marketing consultant who specializes in creating customized, laser-beam focused marketing campaigns.

Janelle prides herself on finding unique solutions that generate real results.

When she's not busy consulting, speaking or teaching marketing bootcamps around the nation, she can be found playing with her children, mountain biking, road biking, long boarding, baking, playing basketball, tennis or any sport, and reading self-improvement books.

Oh and she's also super serious about maintaining a meticulous lawn. 🙂

Favorite foods include: Green Smoothies, PBJ Sandwiches and Honey Nut Cheerios with a banana sliced on top.

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