Pinterest is a fast-growing component of an overall social media strategy for businesses large and small. Pinterest is different from Facebook and Twitter, because it focuses primarily on images found all over the internet. When creating an overall social media marketing campaign, don’t overlook this effective platform.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is like a virtual bulletin board that you can “pin” a range of images on. Images are collected onto “boards” that group like themes and content together. Viewers search Pinterest for what they are looking for, and once they find an interesting image, they can share it, pin it to their own board or even leave comments. The sharing aspect of Pinterest is perfect for exposing your business to a wider audience and providing value to current and future customers. Whether computer or mobile, viewers can quickly see what you want them to.

Pinterest works best for businesses with a visual component, such as pet grooming, carpentry, art galleries, preschools and any business with vivid “before and after” demonstrations. It’s an excellent way to showcase what your business has to offer, simply and effectively.

Pinterest was the fastest growing social sharing network in 2013 and boasts some amazing statistics. There are an estimated 70 million Pinterest users and the majority are women, just over 80 percent. The average number of pins daily equals 5 million, and Pinterest also claims up to 20 percent of total social referrals to other commerce sites. (Source: Digital Marketing Ramblings)

How To Use Pinterest for Business

Here are three excellent methods of using Pinterest to promote your company brand and enhance the value of the customer experience with your online social media marketing efforts.

1. Create a Board

Fill in your business information to create an account. Once you create an account in Pinterest for your business, you’ll need to create a board. Make sure that your board is focused on your business and choose a theme that enhances your brand. You can create several boards for different aspects of your business if you want, as long as each board is on topic and related to your business specifically. For example, a wedding florist might create several boards on floral arrangement topics like “centerpieces,” “bouquets and boutonnieres,” and “floral wedding cake toppers.” Keep board topics professional and focused for maximum effect.

2. Start Pinning

Pins represent your business visually, so make sure you are selecting images that are relevant and convey the message you want associated with your company. Pins should always convey something interesting or insightful to your viewers. Avoid posting cute memes or pictures of ducklings and kittens just for fun—keep your business boards professional and on topic. You can re-pin interesting images from other boards that compliment your business and start engaging with the Pinterest community in pinning and re-pinning to spread your influence as far as possible.

3. Connect Pinterest Boards to Your Social Media

Your Pinterest boards can easily connect to your other social media accounts, such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and more. When you pin something interesting to one of your business boards, it will notify your followers on the other social media accounts and entice them to come check it out. It’s just one more way to provide value to your current and future customers via social media. Pinterest is a visually appealing alternative to the more text-driven social media sites, so it compliments a marketing campaign nicely, especially if your business has interesting visual elements to it.

Choose KickFire For Your Social Media Marketing Needs

If you don’t have the time, knowledge or resources to set up and maintain a Pinterest account or other marketing campaign for your business, consider KickFire, a Utah-based social marketing and consulting company that will take care of all your needs and help you light up your business.

For more information on how KickFire can help you grow your business, please contact us here or call 801-800-8608.



Janelle Page is the CEO and owner of KickFire Marketing, a full-service, boutique marketing firm. She is a highly sought after marketing consultant who specializes in creating customized, laser-beam focused marketing campaigns.

Janelle prides herself on finding unique solutions that generate real results.

When she's not busy consulting, speaking or teaching marketing bootcamps around the nation, she can be found playing with her children, mountain biking, road biking, long boarding, baking, playing basketball, tennis or any sport, and reading self-improvement books.

Oh and she's also super serious about maintaining a meticulous lawn. 🙂

Favorite foods include: Green Smoothies, PBJ Sandwiches and Honey Nut Cheerios with a banana sliced on top.

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